Reorganizing the front flower bed

When we moved here this flower bed was so over grown, that a lot of the flowers couldn’t break through the ground. This is the second time we have broken the lilies apart and replanted them with more space between each bunch. Last year I watered the beds with a manure water mixture once a week. It was a shock to us how much the root system had grown. Apparently the flowers liked all that extra fertilizer and had grown 10 fold. Now I know why I couldn’t dig them up myself with a hand shovel yesterday.

I had to ask Hubby to do the digging today. We put 40 liters of dirt into the bed as well. We plan to let the dirt settle and add dried horse manure and more dirt later. You can see how huge their root system has grown. I guess those flowers will take over the flower bed this year. We have daffodils, forget me knots, tulips and poppies in there as well.I know there is more flowers but I don’t know their names. I had planned to put thyme, rosemary, cilantro, curry, melissa citronella and chives in there as well. Now I don’t know if I will have enough space because these lilies become quite bushy when full-grown. I like them because they bloom a long time. The leaves stay green well into the fall. I have a rhubarb which we have planned to replant in the vegetable garden with our strawberries.








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  1. Hooray! Honey gets in the garden! Rhubarb and strawberries….yummy! You have worked hard AND you have done all your inside jobs. Superwoman does not even begin to cover it! So glad to hear you have been in your precious garden.-Karen

    • Hi Karen,

      I so enjoyed finally getting my hands in the dirt again. Yesteraday I pruned the dead fall off my strawberries in the green house. I weeded the green house as well. I tried to fix the front flower bed myself yesterday but gave up. I sat outside for two hours just playing with my dogs. i just enjoyed the sunshine. I didn’t even realize how long I had been sitting there.It was wonderfull.

      I wish I was done in the house, but I am not there yet. I do a little every day. I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets, polished all my copper, Cleaned the Kitchen windows and scrubbed every thing down.I Washed all the pillows and comforters, winter jackets, Coats and insulated pants, Hats, gloves… All that has to be stored for next year. I cleaned out all our closets and drawers… I have my Easter curtains out to be pressed and hung up. It not glamorus work but someone has to do it. Any body who lives in the north knows what I am talking about. Now everyone knows why I have not posted anything in quite a while. I am Exhausted and hurt all over!!! I wish I was super woman I could have all that done in nothing flat and not even broke a sweat, maybe I can hire her to do the rest of the work LOL.

      It was too pretty of a day to stay inside and clean. I was itching to do some gardening. My kitchen looked great untill Hubby cleaned the four pike today. Pike are really slimy fish. It was worth the mess they will be delicious. I am sitting on the sofa vegging out. I will tell you one thing I will sleep like a baby tonight once I rub on some Tiger Balm.

      I still have some cleaning to do like the rugs in the house. Living on a farm with dogs and mud Yuch! I usually hang them outside to wash them and then to dry on our hand reiling on the front stoop. I just haven’t had the weather for it. The one good thing is I won’t have to watch out for Buster this year. I always worried he would Christen my rugs to mark his territory like he did one of my neighbors expensive rugs. It is the normal spring work. I aired the house out all day today. Now it finally feels like spring.

      How is Ossie doing?

      • Oh Honey! Where do you find the energy for all that cleaning? I try so hard, but things do get let go inside the house sometimes. I really, really am impressed by your household management. I have aired the house and cleaned the kitchen units, but that is all so far. I think you are right that if one job is tackled each day, it might seem more manageable.
        Ossie seems a little better. He will eat, but the only thing he can smell is freshly cooked chicken! So I buy cheap chicken thighs. I am so happy that he will take some food now. But he is still very thin. I care for two other cats, all on medication.

      • I dread doing the spring cleaning. I have allergies and dust is not my friend. I clean every day but during the winter we have the windows shut even though I do air the house out periodically. The older I get the longer it takes to do this cleaning.

        I am glad Ossie is doing better. It must be difficutl to care for 3 sick aging cats. The expense as well. Here in Sweden we can only insure cats and dogs that are 3 years old and younger. Some dog rescue places insure the dogs and offer you a basic coverage for their older dogs and cats by transferring the coverage to the new owners name. That coverage wouldn’t cover medications, physical therapy and such. I do not know if a private person could switch coverage too.

        You had said your cats adopted you. I love my animals in the same way you do. You cats are lucky they found you to love them.

      • I too have allergies and breathing issues because of them. It is important to stay on top of the dusting!
        My other friends in Sweden take their cat over with them and when the cat has become ill they have said that the service they can expect over there from the vets does not match what we are used to in England. None of my cats are insured and the treatment they have had for their illnesses is probably better then I would get on the national health. But of course, it is very expensive. But for me, given my commitment to them, I would do everything that I can to help them when they are sick. They are little angels with fur!
        I think it sounds as though your animals are also lucky to have found you too.

      • Thanks for answering my questions about insurance. I have read a forum for mixed german sherperd breeds. I was surprised that a lot of people in the states didn’t even know there was such a thing as animal insurance. Alot of the said that they couldn’t afford insurance for their family muchless a pet.

        I was curious what it is like in the UK. I agree with you that they are little angels with fur.

  2. Your front patch looks splendid. Looks like it gets plenty of sun – will smell lovely when the herbs are in full swing.

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