Free Fish!

We have spent the day outside and enjoyed the warmth of 15-C sunshine. There was no biting cold wind, so you could enjoy the warmth.The dogs loved it.Hubby has been busy getting the weeds out of the veggie patch.

I have been busy doing a lot of spring cleaning inside the house, when the weather has been bad. I have a pile of mending to do but I keep procrastinating in hopes that it will disappear on its own. It has not worked yet. I am trying hard to get that done before Easter and our growing season begins.

Our Neighbor L came by this evening with four large pike for us. That was such a welcome treat. Hubby skinned and file them and they are now sitting in our freezer in the basement.


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  1. Nice looking fish I’m sure you will enjoy them.

    • Thanks . I checked out your blog but couldn’t figure out how to follow you on your site. I enjoyed reading what you are doing. I really liked the doll that you made. The little girl will fall in love with her.

      • Hi, you should be able to follow by clicking on ‘Join this Site’, then either click on Google account or Open ID which should allow you to put your URL site in. I also can’t follow you! as it wants my ‘Word Press’ details which I don’t have, so I have put you into my favourites.

      • Thanks for the information. I will check that out information out. I don’t have a google account. I can check out what a open ID is though. I tried to comment on your page but it wouldn’t allow me to do that either. Otherwise I will do what you did and put you in my favorites as well.

  2. I know what you mean about procrastinating 😉

    Must be great to have such a fresh supply of fish!

    • Our Neighbor has nets on the shore line here. He comes by with fish ever so often during the summer.I recently baked some pot pies and dropped some of them off at his house for him. I didn’t realize he was working alone on the farm because his son’s family was on vacation. Everthing that could go wrong went wrong. He was running himself ragged.I brought him enough food that he didn’t have to cook the whole weekend. I guess the fish were his thank you.

  3. What a lovely story. Your kindness to him must have been so appreciated. They look fabulous fish. I have never eaten Pike.-Karen

    • We have been blessed with great neighbors. We help eachother out. L had never had pot pies before. He let me know anytime I felt like dropping some by they would be greatly appreciated.
      Pike have a lot of bones. They are difficult to filet. We roll them in egg and then roll them in two different kinds of corn flour that are seasoned with garlic and salt. We deep fat fry it.

      I like to have boiled potatoes cooked in dill with boiled spinage and a swedish fish sauce. It is delicous.

      • It is a good thing that your hubby is good at dealing with the gutting of the fish. Its just a shame it had to be done in your post spring cleaned kitchen! I think your meal sounds great, maybe one day you could feature it on your blog. Here in England there is such an interest in anything Scandinavian at the moment. Is Pike similar to any other fish, in flavour and texture? Karen.

      • The pike emit a mucus on it skin. They are extremely slimey and hard to hold on to I tried scraping it off . They have extremely large scales compared to other fish. They have alot of bones. They are such big fish that he de-bones them some times while they are uncooked. That does waste a lot of the meat though. He did not de-bone them this time.

        This time of year they are filled with rom or eggs. I guess since they are spawning that could be why they are secreating more mucus. I am only speculating on that though. You could grill them as well. They don’t have a strong fishy taste that some fish can have. The only fish I can think they taste like is Cod.

      • I have seen chefs using special tweezers to pull out some of the bones. I suppose you could make fish stock from any big bones with ‘meat’ on them.
        Thanks so much for the information. I love cod, so perhaps I would like Pike. But I don’t think I have ever seen any for sale here. I think they can grow quite big.


      • Yes you are correct they do grow quite big. These four were small fish compared to what he gave us last year. I am not complaining though. I never even thought to making fish stock with the bones. I will have to do that next time. I have read that bouillion cubes have additives that are harmful to your health. I have been reading on line how to make make own stock or bouillion. I figure that I will have to freeze it. I really only buy vegetable bouillion, because I try and cut out as much bad fat that I can from our diet. I usually give all Meat stock to our dogs as a treat instead of freezing it for our own use later. The dogs gaurd the stove untill it is cool enough to be served to them. They yip and get all excited everytime you check the temperature. We have not wasted it because it is good for them and is part of their diet. I guess I should just give them a cup each and save the rest. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to figure that out on my own LOL.

      • The little story about the dogs so made me laugh! They must just LOVE that meaty stock! I save juices from roast meat to use in risotto the next day. But as for stock for soups I either just throw in a fresh chicken carcass ( after removing the breasts and boning out the legs) or I use Marigold, Swiss vegetable bouillion. It has nothing nasty in it at all. I have to confess that if I need beef stock I can buy it from the re-fridgerated compartment of my local supermarket and it has no additives.
        I am cooking chicken thighs for Ossie twice a day now, I think you and I just put our animals first, its just the way we are.

      • Our dogs are spoiled rotten. Hubby is a big softy when it comes to our dogs. It is quite endering to see them together. My girlfriends always joke about it. I had never had a dog sleep in my bed before we were married. I have fought to keep our dogs out of ours. I worry about ticks because we have lime disease here. He taught Dixie to wait untill I fall asleep to crawl in bed with him. He would sneek her in bed afer I fell asleep and claim he didn’t know when she got into bed. Then He started telling her just wait untill she falls asleep. Dixie would stand next to my side of the bed and place her head next to my face and look at me when I just got into bed. It was hilarious because she would watch me to see when I fell asleep. I couldn’t believe she understood what he was saying. I had to laugh because she was so cute looking at me with those big brown eyes of hers. I had to finally gave in an let her share our bed. It was obvious that I lost that battle.

        It is funny quite a few of our friends who are dog lovers bring treats for our dogs when they come to visit. They no longer have dogs of their own since their own had past away. Their Job schedule or health issues hinder them from getting another dog. Our dogs are well behaved and they really have fallen in love with them. They try and get their doggy fix while they are here with our dogs. I tease them that I know people buy treats for children on a visit as a gift but I had never seen anyone do that for dogs. They just laugh. I guess we are lucky because we have no problem arranging dog sitters.

      • Your husband is a dog whisperer! It is such a sweet story of the relationship you have built with your animal family. I have only had cats, although I love dogs who live with my friends. I know how strong the communication can be between our animals and ourselves. I make dog cookies using a great recipe I found in an American magazine. The ingredients include cornmeal and chicken stock. I have lost it at the moment, but when it turns up I will share it with you.In England, the biscuits and treat you can buy for dogs and cats are extensive. Take a look at

      • Thanks for tip on dog biscuits. I would love to have the recipe. They are very expensive here as well. That would save me quite a bit of money. I will check out lilyskitchen for other ideas.

        Hubby and Dixie have a very special relationship. She adores him maybe I should say she almost worships him. She is quite a character.

      • Thanks for tip on dog biscuits. I would love to have the recipe. They are very expensive here as well. That would save me quite a bit of money. I will check out lilyskitchen for other ideas.

        Hubby and Dixie have a very special relationship. She adores him maybe I should say she almost worships him. She is quite a character.

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