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Let us be silent..


Here is a small peek of where we live

This is Julia (the brown pony) and Ida (the white pony). They are still in their winter pasture. They have shelter in one of the barns, which the door is left open for them to seek food and water as well. I can see them from my east-facing living room window. They have a pond to drink from as well, when it is not frozen over.


Coco and Dixie had just come out of the ponies pasture, after saying good morning to them.


This is one of the 5 houses on this farm. This is Buster’s family’s home. I am standing in front of another pond taking this picture on my morning walk. We often find ducks nesting this time of year in this pond.


This is the pasture gate which shows the trail that leads down to our private wooden swimming pier. I can see this veiw of the lake from my south-facing kitchen and living room window.


These are the two goats I wrote about earlier. They are two notorious escape artist. This is the summer pasture for the ponies that I can see from the south-facing windows of our living room and kitchen window. It has a pond as well in the middle. There are apple and pear trees in it as well.


This picture is taken from another swimming spot on the farm. This spot has a cement pier as well as a shallow sandy beach and a little house for fishing gear are behind me as I take this photo. You can see the brown and white house I showed you earlier. This is one of my favorite places to walk around here.I am only half way through this trail. It is tranquil, secluded and beautiful.


I wanted to show some of the wild flower that are blooming here. This trail that I am walking on continues to another beach where we have a stone fire pit for grilling.There are wooden benches around the fire pit. There are benches scattered on the path to sit and enjoy the veiws of the lake. There are apple trees here too. This area is filled with a lot of endangered flower species that are protected. It is absolutely gorgeous place to walk especially during spring when everything is in bloom. Our landlord/neighbor waits until the flowers are done blooming and the wild fowl are done nesting, before he uses it for his cows. The cows are constantly rotated from pasture to pasture through out the summer. I like it because they keep the grass levels from over growing which otherwise makes it difficult to walk here.


This is one of the trees on the trail to our private wooden pier. Buster’s family loves nature and work hard to perserve it here on the farm. They feed the deer and moose during the harsh winters. All the familes that live on this farm feed the birds all winter long. There are bird nesting boxes scattered all over the farm. The marsh area on the farm has a large variety of nesting birds here in the spring.

Last summer  university students were here doing a scientific report on the differences of the flora and fauna between commercialized farms and ecologial farms. This report is for Sweden and the EU. We spoke to one of the students, who was astounded by differences from a traditional/commercialized farms and ecological farms. He was excitedly telling us all the different kinds butterflies… that are here on this farm. He was so surprised to see what a diverse variety of insects on this ecological farms compared to the commerical farms.

Saving the planet just starts with one family at a time.


This is a sure sign spring is here. Can you find the snake in this picture?


I just wanted to let you see where we live. Now you can understand why we love living here and why we named this blog slice of heaven in Sweden.


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