We are touched by Angels…


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  1. Hi Honey, I loved the angel post with the twinkly stars, but the text was a little small for my old eyes and I could not read it- which was a shame.-Karen.

    • I think if you click on the picture it should open it in another window and it should be enlarged. I will ask my tech support, Hubby, to help me fix that later when he gets back.
      thank you for pointing that out. I apreciate the helpful hints to make your blogging experience nicer.

  2. You are totally right! I clicked on it and read it all. What a lovely thing it is! -Karen.

    • I am glad that it worked and that you could read it. I am glad that you like it. Should I still make it bigger on the page or leave it like it is now?

      • Probably most people would know they should click on it. I am in need of angels as my cat Ossie is quite ill and is refusing to eat 😦 Karen.

      • I am sooo sorry to hear about Ossie. Isn’t he the cat who has heart problems? Didn’t you write that he was operated on just a little while ago? I would get him to the vet as soon as you can. When animals stop eating, they need medical attention. My thoughts are with you both. Don’t assume the worst, until the doctor tell you what is going on with him.

      • Hi Karen,
        I have been worried about you and Ossie. How is he doing? Have you been able to get him in to see a doctor yet?

      • Thank you so much for asking Honey. He was in the hospital on a drip for two days. He has lost a kilo in weight and has had every test imaginable, plus an endoscopy. He can not seem to breath through his nose and because of this I think he has lost his sense of smell. So he is hungry, but when I put food down, he does not recognise it because he cant smell it.All the tests and the biopsy the vets took have come back clear. I have three cats and they are all very sick.Otto has a heart condition, Josef has had a big eye operation (and a contact lens to aid healing)!!!! And Ossie is poorly too. I love them too much and hate it when I can’t help them.-Do you have animals? Thank you so much for thinking of me.-Karen.

      • Hi Karen,
        I am sorry to hear about Ossie. What are the vet’s recommending? I do remember reading on your blog that you adopted older cats. I didn’t realize all of them had such serious health conditions.

        Yes we have we have two dogs. Dixie is 10 years old and Coco is 17 months old. My hubby loves cats but I am allergic to them. Hubby’s family had siamese cats when he was growing up. He had one dog growing up. I grew up with dogs.

        December 2012 we had to put down our dog who was one month short of turning 10 years old. She had a huge cancerous mass. We had to make the gut wrenching decision to put her down.We still are moutning her loss. We were devastated.

        We brought home 3 weeks later. Our other dog Dixie mourned her loss that we were worried we were going to loose her at the same time. That is one reason we bought Coco so soon after. Coco injured her leg last spring. Last summer she had surgery. She is still recovered. We were so worried in the begining that we were risking loosing another dog. We had to take her to a specialist to find out what was wrong with her. The local vet couldn’t figure it out.

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