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Country Living


This is me standing on one of the 3 piers on the ranch. This is our private one. You can see that it is still under construction. My husband is standing on the path taking this picture. The path is a little steep. I joked when we moved here that they must think we are goats.

I am fond of mixed breed dogs. I believe they are healthier. Daisy the black dog has since passed away. She is 9 years old in this picture. Dixie is the gray colored dog and she is one year younger.

Daisy had 2 wonderful years here. I will never forget the first time she met the ponnies. Our Neighbors had just bought these ponnies (Julia and Ida) along with two white female goats. The dogs had just woke me up to take them outside. They were in such a hurry to get out and I was not quite awake yet. I hadn’t even had time to brush my hair or teeth, muchless have my mandatory 3 cups of morning coffee to start my day.

Daisy ran out to the garden and suddenly started barking ferociously. I came around the corner just as she ducked under the electric fence and charged one of the ponnies. She ran at a full charge and stuck her head in this poor ponny’s butt. I mean literally stuck her nose in this ponny’s butt. It would have been funny if I had not been so terrified to see the ponny (Julia) pulled her legs under her belly getting ready to kick my dog in the face. I screamed “Nooo” and believe it or not Julia stopped just before she kicked her. The ponny tried to turn around to look at Daisy, but Daisy just follow Julia with her head stuck in her ass. I yelled at Daisy to stop. She finally ran to the front of the ponny and sniffed her mouth and they licked each other. Believe it or not they became instant friends despite this weird introduction.

If that wasn’t funny enough, the next time I went out with the dogs for our walk I discovered that the goats escaped their enclosure to follow us. When I came back up the road to our house, I found the neighbors and my husand were running around trying to chase the goats down. The ponnies were whinning loudly and protesting because they were left behind. Everyone was frantic from chasing them for the 45 minutes that I was gone. What was even funnier was when I walked up and got the goats to walk right into their pasture, much to everyones dismay including my own.

I found out later the animals were raise with 15 dogs. Their previous owner had a dog kennel. Apparently the ponnies, dogs and goats were walked and excercised together on their previous farm. Our neighbors had to call the previous owners and talk to them, because when ever I took my dogs on their daily walks the goats would escape their enclosure. The goats would run down the road after us, much to their new owners displeasure.

I don’t know about you, but I find there is never a dull moment around here.


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